How to Choose The Right Caterer for Your Event-Questions for the Caterer Edition!

-7Welcome to A Bite of Red’s second edition: “How to Choose The Right Caterer for Your Event: Questions for the Caterer!”

Congrats! You chose your chef! Now that you chose your chef, catering questions will be flowing through your head. Usually there is a catering coordinator, catering manager, catering staff or just the chef. At Red’s we have a catering coordinator that works with all our clients to ensure their catering experience is successful.

Schedule a Tasting

How will you know if the food is up to your standards if you do not try it? When looking for caterers asking if they will allow a tasting is crucial. The catering company may ask for a small fee if they do not offer a free tasting but the few extra dollars is worth it! Ordering food without trying is a no-no in the catering world.

Who is my initial meeting with?

When sitting down to explain your vision of the food aspect and perhaps the overall event, having the catering coordinator is just as crucial as the chef because they work hand in hand. Sometimes the initial meeting is only with the chef, but when it comes to the catering side of the event you want the coordinator there as well. With the catering coordinator present your vision for the overall event will be understood.


Last Minute Changes

A true caterer will allow you to make last minute changes because the caterer’s job is to make their client happy. When booking a caterer ask this question.


Photos of Past Events

When the caterer can provide pictures of past events it shows they take their company seriously. Always ask for past pictures so you can see how the food is presented and the decor is set up.



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