How to Choose The Right Caterer for Your Event-Service Edition Part 2!

How to Choose The Right Caterer for Your Event-Service Edition Part 2!

So far, your first meeting has consisted of learning about the chef, company, and what options they offer for food, menus, leftovers, etc. Now your next questions are: what other service options does the company have to offer?  These questions listed below are crucial to ask because if the company does not offer these services, you will have to spend more time and money to make sure the job is done right.


Although decor is more personal on your part, it can also add that little something extra to ensure your guests have a memorable experience. Some companies do provide the option to provide decor and items that can enhance the theme to any event. This is always something to consider if you have room in your budget. Red’s provides the option to decorate, allowing you to worry about one less task. 

Clean up Crew

Going back to Part 1 of Service to the section on servers. If the catering company provides servers, ensure they also will clean up after the event is over. The company may try and pull a fast one and charge extra for cleaning up. Everyone’s least favorite part of an event is clean-up. The catering company you choose to work with should take care of this for you as part of the initial agreement. As an addition to other staffing, you may want to consider a company that  is willing to come in before or after your event to handle everything from pre-event to after event cleaning. Red’s provides the resources to get the job done and lets you worry about enjoying your event. Work with us to plan the best way to accomplish your goals for the party and create a clean-up plan arranged around your event schedule and addressing your needs.

Any additional cooking ware not provided OR will coordinate with other rentals

Food cannot be served without cooking ware…There are companies that will not provide cooking ware, so if the company you choose does not provide them ask if they work with another company that provides them. Red’s can provide cooking ware!