How to Choose The Right Caterer for Your Event: The Chef Edition!

IMG_4226Series Overview

Choosing the right caterer is a huge decision when it comes to an event. A million questions will run through your mind. Can they work with allergies? Do they provide the full service? What are their certifications and experience? How are last minute requests handled?

For an successful event the food, friendliness of the staff and the caterer him or herself has to be perfect. When guests attend an event, they look forward to delicious food!

A Bite of Red’s answers any and all questions in the series “How to Choose The Right Caterer for Your Event”.


Chef Edition!

Welcome to A Bite of Red’s first series “How to Choose The Right Caterer for Your Event: The Chef edition”. Planning an event can be a challenge, especially when it comes to catering. Therefore you expect the chef to be welcoming, has excellent reviews and their own ideas to help you when it comes to choosing the right menu.


A welcoming attitude ensures any situation to be a success. Since planning an event can be stressful, choosing a welcoming, understanding and open chef will ensure the event to run smoothly.

Choose the chef who sits down with you one-on-one, ask questions, listens and understands your needs/ wants. This chef truly cares about their client and wants to ensure their event to be successful.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth seems to be the trend in any industry nowadays. We want who our family, friends and co-workers trust rather than exploring every opportunity out there. The internet is even a crutch now because of star reviews every website offers.

If word of mouth is one of your musts for choosing a caterer, go on Google and researc the catering company. Each website will most likely have a review of the company, reassuring your decision.

Bring their Own Ideas to the Table

Chef’s have a creative spark in their brain when cooking or working with clients. As a chef listens and processes their clients ideas, wants, needs, etc. their creative mind develops ideas to bring to the table.

When choosing a caterer, look for this quality in a chef. The chef may come up with an idea that did not cross the client’s mind. This situation can open a door to a bigger idea that could make the client very happy in the long run. Maybe an idea bounces off a similar idea. There are endless possibilities when a chef and client can work together.


Stay tuned for the next series!