Series 3 of How to Plan a Stress-Free Family Occasion!

Series 3 of How to Plan a Stress-Free Family Occasion!

Welcome to the last series of “How to Plan a Stress-Free Family Occasion” with a Bite of Red’s. Series 3 discusses the last details of putting together the occasion!


Send out the Invitations

Once the time, location and food are set in stone, send out the invitation. My family sends out either a text or an evite, depending on the family member and occasion. Red’s catering suggests evites for multiple reasons. Evites allows one to be customize the invitation from the envelope to the card, provides different RSVP options, notifications on the status of each attendee and their comments, allows guests to provide their family size and allow or not allow others bringing guests not invited, donating to a charity, gift options and the link to share via email, text or social media. One can also inform guests via mail, text, social media, or email. Just make sure to send invites and include every detail so no one is misinformed!


Enjoy & Have Fun!

Lastly, enjoy and have fun with your family and friends! Enjoy good company!



Thank you for reading our first series and stay tuned for future series hosted by A Bite of Red’s!